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Designer Skin | Duchess

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You exude confidence, style and elegance while making the privileges that come with your charmed life seem more like a birthright! So indulge in the beauty ritual once reserved for ancient royalty and aristocracy. Inspired by the centuries old skincare secret of milk baths, this opulent whole milk-base lotion will help provide you with glowing skin as you step over the wannabes and social climbers. A bit over the top? Who cares?! Understated is sooo overrated Darling!

You may not have a fancy title, but you deserve to be treated like royalty whenever you hit the tanning bed. With Designer Skin DUCHESS Dark 8X Bronzing Milk, you can give your skin the royal treatment and get more from every tanning session. The formula increases pigment production with MelanInk, a proprietary complex that feeds the skin to accelerate tanning. The Advanced 8X bronzing blend also includes DHA to extend skin darkening beyond the end of your session. Honeysuckle is also used in the formula to increase levels of oxygen in the skin tissue, further boosting pigment production. Instant bronzers are included to provide immediate color when you emerge from the tanning bed. Designer Skin DUCHESS Dark 8X Bronzing Milk features a luxurious base made of pure whole milk. The natural nutrients found in the milk base provide an array of benefits for the skin. Calcium is a proven skin softener and supports melanin production, while pro-vitamin D offers antioxidant protection, decreasing the risk of tanning related damage.

Whole milk-base formula fortifies your skin with Calcium to help promote the production of melanin and soften skin, while also providing Tyrosine and Vitamin B₂ to help you milk every second of your tanning session Advanced 8X bronzing blend features DHA, MelanINK™ and instant bronzers infused with Honeysuckle to help increase skin oxygenation for deeper, longer lasting color Optimized ProVitamin D helps defend against free radicals to help promote younger looking skin

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Envy Island Tan
1337 Baytree Rd. Suite Valdosta, Ga 31602

3215 N. Oak St. Ext Suite C. Valdosta, Ga 31602

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