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With White Tea Extract, Soy & CoQ10 Get ready to go places you've never been before as far as tanning lotions go. Bombshell was created to give even the most sophisticated tanners something they've been looking for. The ingredients in this lotion are breakthrough skincare technology that will give you breakthrough tanning results. Get the deepest darkest tan you've ever had using Bombshell. Get the lotion that will give you the tan you've always wanted. Fragrance: Kiwi Watermelon

Designer Skin BombShell Bronzer 100XX is one of the best-selling tanning lotions on the market. The product is a dark tanning bronzer that is perfect for people interested in achieving a dark tan in a short amount of time. The lotion is formulated to aid the natural tanning process. This bronzer is intended for use in a tanning booth by experienced tanners to accelerate the natural tanning process. If you are less than satisfied with the results you are getting from your current tanner, give this one a try. Designer Skin BombShell tanning lotion uses what the manufacturer calls an Ultra Extreme Sizzle Formula. This is designed to heat the skin prior to entering the tanning booth, enabling the skin to become darker faster. The sizzle increases oxygenation of skin cells to boost its ability to take on color. A common complaint about some products is the length of time it takes for lotions to dry. This lotion dries quickly, so you won’t be waiting for the lotion to dry before getting into the tanning bed. The advantages of this product extend beyond helping you achieve a deeper, darker tan. The lotion has anti-aging properties as well, providing a counterbalance to the aging effects caused to the skin by tanning. The product contains vitamin A and vitamin E, which are known to rejuvenate skin cells.

Vitamin C is included in the formula to provide a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals and stimulate collagen production. These vitamins help to diminish the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles that occur from tanning. White tea extract helps to minimize UV damage to the skin and offers soothing benefits for the skin. Aloe vera extract is included in the lotion to promote cell rejuvenation and to moisturize the skin, which helps your skin retain its youthful appearance and makes your tan look better. The kiwi watermelon fragrance has a light, fruity smell that is pleasant and reminiscent of summer. The ingredients in Designer Skin BombShell Bronzer 100XX include their proprietary blend of bronzers, tan activating ingredients, and natural ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, soy, white tea extract, aloe vera extract, and CoQ-10. Other active ingredients include water, glycerin, and seed oil. Inactive ingredients include cetyl alcohol and fragrance. The lotion has a creamy consistency and spreads on the skin easily, so you won’t need to use half the bottle for sufficient coverage. Spread the lotion onto clean, dry skin, and allow it to absorb before entering the tanning bed. This product is manufactured by Designer Skin, a company that manufactures a variety of products for the tanning industry, such as tanning lotions, coolers, bronzers, and skin lotions used by people who like to tan in beds. Designer Skin BombShell reviews include positive comments about the Ultra Extreme Sizzle Formula, with most enjoying the moderate amount of tingle provided by this product.

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