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Designer Skin | Juicy Desire

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When it comes to tanning, what do you desire? Perfectly dark skin? Even coloration? Long-lasting results? Designer Skin JUICY DESIRE 18X Bronzer is a formula meant to satisfy your every tanning desire, giving you flawless results and greatly speeding up the tanning process. The formula features Designer Skin's 18X Bronzing Blend, which includes DHA to promote longer-lasting color and MelanINK to ensure that tanning results develop evenly across the skin. Opti-Glow is added to maintain skin's radiance while you tan, so that you'll have a healthy glow to match your golden tan.

Free of oil, hemp, aloe and parabens, Designer Skin JUICY DESIRE 18X Bronzer is a gentle solution that is ideal for all skin types. The formula also uses Designer Skin’s exclusive Juice Evolution Technology to fully oxygenate the skin while you tan and nourish the tissue with essential vitamins and minerals derived from pineapple, mango and kale. VitaPlus works with the natural ingredients to condition skin and provide additional nourishment.

Freshly Pressed 18X Bronzer - Pineapple, Mango + Kale Juice Evolution® Fusion - Oil Free, Hemp Free, Aloe Free and Paraben Free 18X Bronzing Blend of DHA and MelanINK™ Bronzers with Opti-Glow™ helps to provide luminous dark results and outstandingly long-lasting color Designer Skin’s exclusive Juice Evolution® Technology contains a skin nutritious blend of Pineapple and Mango to help moisturize and increase oxygenation for even color, while Kale provides an abundance of Copper and Potassium to help intensify tanning results VitaPlus™ Blend features a coveted mix of vitamins and skin conditioners to help promote younger looking skin Fragrance: Pineapple Prosecco

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