Hydration Station

The Hydration Station Spa Pod is a 20 minute re-hydrating session. This spa pod reaches 118F while filling with warm steam scented with your choice of aromatherapy. Adjustable LEDs set the mood, bed vibration soothes and relaxes tight muscles and, as an added bonus it is possible to burn over 300 calories per session!

Available at all of our salons! 

Red Light Therapy 

Red Light Therapy is something everyone can benefit from. Red Light supercharges the mitochondria in your cells and allows them to repair, replenish and replace themselves more quickly thus minimizing the look of all skin impurities. Just a few but not limited, fine line, wrinkles, acne, scar tissue, stretch marks and so much more!! 

Available at all of our salons! 

WellSystem Relax

The Well System Relax is a water massage bed unlike any of its kind. The rollers have multiple setting to ensure you reach those target areas at a pressure that will work your muscles without being to strong or harsh. The light canopy offers your facial zone a beautiful recharge and the aromatherapy and calming music ensure all of your senses are relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of your session! 

Located at Inner Perimeter, Thomasville, and Albany 

Fujimi Massage Chair 

The Fujimi Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a 20 minute session that will leave you floating! Leg, arm, hand, shoulder, back and thigh massagers work simultaneously to work through all those kinks and knots. The Fujimi Massage chair fully reclines to ensure optimal relaxation and has a remote to allow you to personalize your Zero Gravity Massage throughout your session! 

Available at Baytree